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Order Promising, also known by the acronyms ATP (Available-to-Promise) and CTP (Capable-to-Promise), is a process used in supply management. It provides accurate and reliable delivery times to customers when they place an order. This process takes into account various factors, such as :

The Order Promising system analyzes the customer’s request and determines the date on which the products ordered can be delivered. The aim is to ensure that promises made to customers can be fulfilled, and that orders can be delivered on time.

The ATP process focuses on the availability of products in stock. It checks that the required items are available and can be delivered to customers as requested. The CTP process goes further, and also examines the company’s production capacity to meet future demand. This includes the availability of resources such as manpower, machinery and raw materials needed to manufacture the requested products.

The main aim of Order Promising is to provide customers with an accurate and realistic promise of delivery. This helps to improve customer satisfaction, build trust in the company and optimize the use of supply chain resources. It also enables the company to better plan its operations and minimize delivery delays and stock-outs.