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We firmly believe that the future of retail belongs to those who can leverage available data to maximize their performance.

That’s why we’re investing in research and development to offer our clients innovative products and services that address their business challenges. Drawing from our expertise in pricing and in response to our clients’ needs, we have developed our supply chain solution.

And we’re not stopping there. We have plans to expand our portfolio of products and services by focusing on R&D and forming strategic partnerships with cutting-edge companies.

For over 10 years, we have been helping retailers to fine-tune their pricing strategies and optimize their supply chains thanks to increasingly accurate forecasts.

Optimix guides you every step of the way to maximize the economic performance of your brand.

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Foundation of Optimix company
Foundation of Optimix company
Business split with OptimiX Études
Business split with OptimiX Études in Paris. relocation to Hauts-de-France
Creation of a dedicated data service
Creation of a dedicated data service
Launch of XPA, a Pricing Analytics solution for Retail
Launch of XPA, a Pricing Analytics solution for Retail
Technological partnership with OBS Orange Business Service
IT partnership with Orange Business Service
Signing with the largest French retailer, Auchan
Signing with the largest French retailer, Auchan
First international signing with the largest Danish retailer, Conad
First international signing with the largest Danish retailer, Conad
Launch of XFR, a Forecast & Replenishment solution for Retail
Launch of XFR, a Forecast & Replenishment solution for Retail
Company reaches 35 employees
Company reaches 35 employees

You deserve more than an Excel file

Retailers generate a wealth of data but aren’t always equipped to exploit it effectively.

Based on this observation, we have created the Optimix solutions to assist you in fully capitalizing on your data, freeing your business teams from low-value tasks, and enhancing your decision-making processes.

Picto cloud

Synchronize your data streams

Your data is sent in real-time to a centralized solution.

Picto task list

Free yourself from time-consuming tasks

Your teams no longer need to manually input or upload data.

Picto error

Reduce the risk of errors

Our solutions automatically collect and standardize data.

Picto search

Refine your forecasts

Forecasts are based on reliable real-time data sets.

Picto light bulb idea

Focus on Strategy

Data processing is no longer a concern for you.

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Make Better Decisions

Secure your decision-making process with reliable information.

We leverage data science for retailers

In an industry where every competitive advantage matters, the players who optimally leverage their data possess an undeniable competitive edge. Retailers now generate numerous datasets, but these data often vary or remain isolated between departments. Under these conditions, fully integrating them into your business processes is impossible.

Our solutions are built upon a comprehensive mastery of the data cycle. They integrate with your IT architecture to centralize, process, and analyze your data. Through powerful machine learning algorithms, we provide highly accurate forecasts to assist your business teams in optimizing their processes and making informed decisions.


More than 30 large groups have already experienced Optimix.

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Our team of experts

Most of our collaborators have worked their entire careers in the retail industry. We possess a deep understanding of all the mechanisms and business challenges within the sector.

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Better data, better forecasts, better decisions

Save time for your teams with our data-driven solutions

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