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Health Pharmacy

Healthcare and pharmacy companies face strict regulatory requirements, constantly changing demands and increasing pressure to deliver quality care while controlling costs.

There are numerous other challenges, including pricing and supply chain issues, such as managing inventory and replenishment flows, competitive pricing of pharmaceutical products, regulatory compliance, demand forecasting, and optimizing logistical processes.

This is where Optimix makes perfect sense!

Main challenges of the health sector

Strong product and variant diversity

Medicines, food supplements or health products and all their variants, it is crucial to carry out precise data collect. But   also classify them and therefore organize them rigorously. Additionally, applying the correct codes and information to each product is of paramount importance to ensure effective pricing and management.

Intense digital competition

Online pharmacies, as well as e-commerce sites and drug delivery platforms, also offer an alternative to physical pharmacies. Faced with this, traditional players must face this competition by developing competitive pricing strategies and, moreover, by offering a superior customer experience.

Difficult and slower change management

Healthcare and pharmacy professionals therefore often have a different perception of their role, which leads them to be more reluctant to see themselves as “salespeople”. However, convincing and involving sales teams and pharmacists in the implementation of pricing strategies is crucial. Therefore, this may require additional training, communication and awareness efforts.

Regulatory and legal constraints

Finally, the health and pharmacy market is subject to strict regulatory and legal constraints with regard to pharmaceutical products. It is therefore essential to comply with regulations regarding pricing, reimbursement, advertising and sale of medicines. Indeed, these constraints can limit the room for maneuver of players in defining their pricing strategy. These constraints therefore require specific expertise to navigate this regulatory framework.

Optimix solutions for the Health & Pharma Sector

Data collection (online or in-store)

Data collection from the internet (Price Scraping) and/or in physical stores (using a smartphone).

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Product matching & range consistency

Linking of competing products (automatic based on EAN or compared using a proximity score).

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Pricing strategy and price elasticity

Design, configuration, and implementation of your pricing strategy.

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Sales forecasting & AI

Immediate analysis of your data through customized dashboards.

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Order forecasts

Reliable suggestions that meet all your company's requirements.

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Stock and transportation optimization

Reduce inventory levels and increase the availability of your products.

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