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In the beauty and cosmetics industry, pricing is a complex challenge. Companies must take into account several factors, such as market demand, consumer perception of value, production costs, and profit margins. Finding the right balance between profitability and price competitiveness is essential for success in this sector.

The beauty and cosmetics sector is characterized by products that often have a short lifecycle. Effective management of the product portfolio becomes imperative as companies must anticipate demand, introduce new offerings, and phase out those nearing the end of their lifecycle. Poor product lifecycle management can lead to overstocking, financial losses, and product obsolescence.

Sector issues

Widespread price war

These markets are characterized by a widespread price war. As consumers become increasingly price-sensitive, their primary focus is obtaining the best value for their money. This places constant pressure on market players to maintain competitive prices while ensuring profitability.

Multitude of product variations

Each product can have multiple variations in terms of size, color, formula, etc. It is crucial to take these differences into account to avoid pricing errors and missed opportunities. Poor management of variations can also harm the brand image and consumers’ perception of price.

Highly volatile customers

Customers tend to be less loyal to a specific brand or product in these sectors. They are open to new trends, innovations, and promotional offers. This unpredictability presents challenges in terms of customer retention, necessitating ongoing efforts to attract and retain customers.

Optimix Solutions for the Beauty-Cosmetics Sector

With experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry, Optimix is able to provide a range of modular solutions that meet all your pricing and Supply chain needs.

Data collection (online or in-store)

Data collection from the internet (Price Scraping) and/or in physical stores (using a smartphone).

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Product matching & range consistency

Linking of competing products (automatic based on EAN or compared using a proximity score).

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Pricing strategy and price elasticity

Design, configuration, and implementation of your pricing strategy.

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Sales forecasting & AI

Immediate analysis of your data through customized dashboards.

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Order forecasts

Reliable suggestions that meet all your company's requirements.

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Stock and transportation optimization

Reduce inventory levels and increase the availability of your products.

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