XFR Juin 2024
Demand Forecasting at the Heart of your Supply Chain !
Optimix XFR
Forecasting & Replenishment Solution

Sales History Correction - Sales & Demand Forecasting - Order proposals - Inventory optimization - Delivery management

XPA Juin 2024
Optimize your Pricing Strategies with our expertise & AI !
Optimix XPA
Pricing Analytics Solution

Price Surveys & Data Collection - Price Monitoring - Product Matching & Linking - Elasticity and Pricing Strategies - Dashboards

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Pricing & Supply Chain Solution Provider

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Our vision

A company’s success depends on its ability to adapt to tomorrow’s pricing and supply chain challenges.

At Optimix, we believe in a vision of the world where Artificial Intelligence and innovation are at the service of people and the environment.

But algorithms are only tools. That’s why we put people at the heart of our approach, democratizing data science for the benefit of decision-makers.


Price Management Solution

Pricing Analytics
From gathering competitive data to optimizing pricing strategies.


Supply Chain Solution

Supply Chain Solution Illustration

Forecasting and Procurement
From Sales Forecasting
to Procurement Optimization.

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Our solutions

XPA OptimiX Pricing Analytics

The platform dedicated to your pricing strategies

Pricing and Data Collection

Data collection from the internet (Price Scraping) and/or in physical stores (using a smartphone).

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Product Matching and Chaining

Linking of competing products (automatic based on EAN or compared using a proximity score).

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Range Consistency

Creation of links between references in your catalog based on criteria such as volume, capacity, formats, weight...

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Pricing strategy

Design, configuration, and implementation of your pricing strategy.

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Sales forecasts AI modeling

Immediate analysis of your data through customized dashboards.

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Reporting Pricing Dashboards

Easily interpret and analyze your KPIs with personalized and automated dashboards.

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XFR OptimiX Forecast & Replenishment

AI for Sales Forecasting & Supply Planning

Sales History Correction

Evaluation of the impact of stock-outs, promotions, exceptional sales and special events.

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Sales & Demands Forecasts

Automatic anticipation of future flows and planning of all your resources.

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Stock optimization

Reduce inventory levels and increase the availability of your products.

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Orders Projections

Reliable suggestions that meet all your company's requirements.

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Delivery management

Optimization of the distribution of your products and maximization of their flow.

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Your business sector

Our Support

Accompanying change

At Optimix, we understand that each project is unique. That's why we provide exceptional support and tailored training to guarantee your success.

You can count on a dedicated team, expert in the fields of pricing and supply chain, led by an experienced Project Manager, backed by a competent steering committee.

Editeur de logiciels de Pricing et Supply chain
Pricing and Supply chain software Editor