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OptimiX Forecast & Replenishment
A supply chain forecasting software dedicated to the retail

XFR - Supply Chain solution dedicated to retail

OptimiX places utmost importance on forecasting and logistical management within the scope of supply chain operations.

Enhance your inventory decision-making capabilities with the power of AI, enabling more accurate predictions of customer demand across various combinations. This will not only boost profit margins and product sell-through rates but also prevent unnecessary markdowns.

Our demand planning solution is specially designed to adapt to your organization as well as the complexity and dynamics of your markets.

Our supply chain forecasting software integrates seamlessly into every stage of your supply chain: factory, distribution center, warehouse, logistics service provider, point of sale, foreign subsidiary, website, drive-through service, etc. It’s essential to size inventories in such a way as to improve product availability while reducing inventory levels.

Supply chain Modules

Sales History Correction

Evaluation of the impact of stock-outs, promotions, exceptional sales and special events.

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Sales Forecasts

Automatic anticipation of future flows and planning of all your resources.

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Stock optimization

Reduce inventory levels and increase the availability of your products.

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Suggested orders

Reliable suggestions that meet all your company's requirements.

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Projections calculation

Instant visualization of your activity projections across your organization.

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Allocation and Smoothing

Optimization of the distribution of your products and maximization of their flow.

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