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From Tuesday September 19 to Thursday September 21, Optimix was at Paris Retail Week.. An event that brings together many professionals from the retail and e-commerce sectors. During these 3 days, workshops, conferences, demos… were organized and shown to visitors.

Opt for eco-friendly packaging.

During Paris Retail Week, Optimix organized a feedback workshop with its bakery customer. This workshop was led by Agathe Defretin (Optimix Integration Service Manager) and Mathieu Louchez (Pricing and Assortment Leader at boulanger).

During this workshop, our customer Boulanger was faced with the following problem:

Change management in the face of diversifying competition?

Boulanger's observations and customer feedback on the competition

  • Numerous competitors in several different sectors: GSS, suppliers, pure players
  • Increasingly attractive services: reconditioned sales, buy-back and reporting of defective items
  • Recognize which competitors to align with: many competitors are entering the market, and it’s important to distinguish between those who are in the same sector and those who are not.

Boulanger pricing review: customer feedback

An aging tool: the tool did not allow Boulanger to implement several pricing strategies in the face of growing competition.

Get informed and take part in local programs.

  • More ergonomic tool
  • Quality information on competitors’ prices
  • An agile tool that can be modulated and customized at will

Pricing and reducing waste ?

  • Rule engine: write your own strategy
  • Pragmatic

Customer feedback: this project's best practices

  • Drawing up specifications with the teams: gathering Boulanger’s requirements
  • Weekly points
  • Priority management
  • Testing the pricing solution
  • Pricing solution donation

For what results ?

Quantitative ROI

  • Fast project implementation
  • Enhanced competitive intelligence
  • Business teams cut their alignment time in half

Qualitative ROI

  • Different strategies for different products
  • Agility of the tool according to needs
  • User confidence
  • A distorted view of competition
  • On schedule
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