Orders Projections

Our customers optimize their order proposals, minimize stock-outs, improve product availability and reduce logistics costs.


We model your entire logistics schema to provide a reliable suggestion engine that respects all your processes and constraints:

  • Human resources,
  • Linear capacity by optimizing packaging to avoid overloading your stock,
  • Grouping, transport capacity and storage,
  • Consideration of shelving lead times and receiving/shelving capacities.

The order suggestion feature also offers advanced capabilities to facilitate order management and optimization.


Initial demand calculation

Our module calculates the initial requirement by taking into account different types of requests such as normal sales, promotional sales, etc.
promotional sales

It also takes into account the stocks dedicated to each type of request. In addition, the calculation of the initial requirement natively takes into account planned supplier delivery dates. The same goes for customer orders if they want a specific delivery date.

Additionally, this ensures that the initial requirement is calculated so as to maintain an adequate level of safety stock to meet future demand.

Consideration of Stock Minimums, Order Minimums, Packaging

Notre module tient compte des exigences spécifiques liées:

  • Minimum presentation (minimum quantity of a product that must be available for sale),
  • Maximum presentation,
  • Minimum order (minimum quantity to be ordered from suppliers) and,
  • Packaging (specific packaging required by suppliers).

These elements are therefore taken into consideration when calculating order suggestions, thus ensuring compliance with supply chain constraints.

Date-based management

Date-based management

Our module also manages order suggestions by taking into account current orders, customer orders, current stock levels, as well as management constraints specific to a given date.

It is also a dynamic approach that takes into account real-time information to generate precise and relevant order suggestions.

Synchronization of orders suggestions

To optimize the filling of trucks, containers, etc., our module can be used to suggest a quantity of orders to ensure synchronization of future order releases.

In addition, this optimization is natively available at the supplier level but also within the framework of tours.

Additionally,  ordering suggestions can be shared in an automated and secure manner, ensuring effective collaboration and smooth execution of ordering processes.

Synchronizing order suggestions


Our module also offers an order consolidation function, which allows you to group the products and quantities ordered in order to optimize transport costs, inventory management and delivery.

Order consolidation therefore makes it possible to improve operational efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

Stock position management

Finally, our module can take into account different stock positions when calculating order suggestions.

In this way, dedicated stocks reserved for certain sales channels or product types can be easily managed.


Order smoothing

Additionally, the calculated order projections can be used for order smoothing. That is to say, to distribute in a balanced manner the quantities ordered and/or to be delivered over a given period.

In addition, order projections are used as a basis for generating order suggestions in advance.

Calculation in different units

Our module supports the calculation of order projections in different units of measurement, such as value, pallet, volume, unit, weight, etc.

Additionally, this allows users to view and analyze order projections. They are therefore visualized   according to the units that are most relevant to their business. In addition, this facilitates decision-making and adjustment of orders according to real needs.

XFR - Retail software - Consolidate order projections at different levels

Consolidation across all levels

Our module allows you to consolidate order projections at different levels. These projections can be at the level of products, sites, suppliers or a specific selection of product-sites.

This functionality therefore provides a global and detailed view of forecast demand. This allows for more precise planning and optimization of resources.

Forecasted stock-out alerts

The module also uses order projections to anticipate forecast stock shortages. It generates automatic alerts to inform supply chain managers of products and sites likely to encounter supply problems.

This therefore allows a proactive reaction to avoid stock shortages and maintain a high level of service for customers.

stock-out alerts
XFR - Retail software - Share order forecasts and projections

Sharing forecasts and order projections

Our module also facilitates the sharing of forecasts, order projections, order planning and delivery planning with external stakeholders.

It thus offers the possibility of sharing this information in a secure and controlled manner with suppliers, distributors or other business partners, thus promoting collaboration and transparency in the supply chain.

Finally, by using our order projection calculations functionality, retail companies can optimize their order planning and management activities. They can also ensure sufficient product availability and improve customer satisfaction. Thanks in particular to better anticipation of demand and more efficient supply processes.

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*6 months after deployment in 45 stores.

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