Linking & Range consistency

The price chaining module allows you to configure different link types to account for volume variations, specific brands, scents, tastes, sizes, colors, and more.

XPA - Pricing analytics solution dedicated to retail
XPA - Pricing software for the retail sector - Various types of parameterized chaining

Different types of configurable linking

You can define precise matching criteria for each link type, giving you total flexibility in managing your products and defining your pricing strategies.

For example, you can configure price chains by:

  • Format/volume ( for example, from 10 kg cement to 25 kg cement, from a pack of 200 screws to a pack of 500 screws)
  • Brand type (from private label to national brand),
  • Color or fragrance (from matte white paint to satin white paint),
  • Promotional format, bundle, or set.

This allows you to maintain consistency in product ranges and optimize your pricing strategy.

Graphical visualization and range analysis

The Linking module offers a clear and intuitive graphic visualization of your linked product ranges. You can view product relationships, price differences and variations in characteristics. Thanks to this module, your price chaining will be rewarded. 

This visualization allows you to easily analyze and optimize your product range. Identifying pricing opportunities, spotting overpriced or underpriced products, and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

XPA - Pricing software for retail - Assortment analysis
XPA - Analysis of cannibalization between brand types - Pricing software for retailers

Analysis of cannibalization between brand types

You can identify products that compete within your own range. Which allows you to make better decisions to avoid cannibalization and maximize your sales.

This analysis helps you to optimize the composition of your product range and ensure a consistent, profitable pricing strategy.

Normalization of labels and intra- and inter-product linking

To guarantee efficient management of range consistency, the Linking module offers standardized labels. This harmonizes product names, making it easier to compare and link products within your assortment.

What’s more, our solution manages intra- and inter-product links, ensuring overall consistency across your product range.

XPA - Standardization of intra- and inter-product labels and links - Retail pricing software
XPA - Easily create links between similar products and define coefficients to establish price corridors - Pricing software for retailers

Link creation and coefficient determination

Easily create links between similar products and define coefficients to establish price corridors. They allow upper and lower limits to be set for each linked product. They thus ensure consistency in pricing chaining within your product range.

You can adjust the coefficients based on factors such as brand and popularity. But also seasonality, or any other criterion that may be relevant for your activity.

Automation of coefficients and "value drivers"

You can, for example, set up rules that define that a strawberry yogurt will always be 10% more expensive than a banana yogurt.

These coefficients and value drivers are applied automatically. This simplifies pricing management and ensures price consistency within your product range as well as your price chaining.

XPA - Automated coefficients and value drivers - Pricing software for the retail sector


« Optimix XPA is a very interesting tool. It has already allowed me to identify and correct pricing anomalies shortly after taking over my new store in Nice. I have just discovered that I can automate the generation of my analysis projects. I can't wait to use it for my other local stores.  »

« Optimix is a highly effective pricing tool that enables us to adapt our pricing to our competitive context and margin objectives. Optimix offers the option to work at the item, category, or even based on national top sales, either individually or simultaneously, as well as on private label products, national brands, and regional products.  »

« The Optimix Pricing XPA solution enables us to track the daily fluctuations in internal purchase prices as well as our competitors' selling prices so we can swiftly adapt our pricing strategy to ensure we achieve our desired margin or gain a competitive edge in the market. »

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*6 months after deployment in 45 stores.

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