During the interview with DigiTechnologie, the team benefited from the valuable contribution of Nicolas George, our sales director. His dynamic presence was undoubtedly a major asset, playing a significant role in positively influencing our company during this premier technology interview.

Our sales director was able to captivate the audience by sharing Optimix’s in-depth expertise, pricing solutions (XPA) and supply chain solutions (XFR).

These interactions have strengthened our position as a key player in the field, expanding our network and opening new business opportunities.

Who is DigiTechnologie?

Created in 2022, DigiTechnologie stands out as an innovative online media entirely dedicated to startups, the digital world and innovation. Designed exclusively for startups, by startups, it aims to offer a dedicated platform to accelerate the communication of these emerging companies.

As a showcase for innovation in France, DigiTechnologie is committed to facilitating the visibility of all startups. The media counts among its partners influential players such as Microsoft for Startup, the RH Lab, and the Startup Leadership Program.

Our vision

OptimiX projects a clear and ambitious trajectory for the next five years, aiming to establish itself as the European leader in pricing solutions for retailers. This vision revolves around the offering of innovative products and services, specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

To achieve this ambition, OptimiX intends to expand its portfolio by investing significantly in research and development. The company also plans to forge strategic partnerships with leading players, thereby strengthening its position in the market.

OptimiX’s commitment to exceptional service quality remains at the heart of its strategy, with the objective of cultivating robust and lasting relationships with its customers. At the same time, the integration of the most advanced technologies into its operations is at the center of OptimiX’s desire, aiming to increase the efficiency of the company to better serve its customers.

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