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DIY home appliances

The DIY and household appliances sector is constantly evolving, with the emergence of new trends, new products and new purchasing behaviors. Players must be able to quickly adapt to these changes and adjust their pricing and supply chain strategies to remain competitive and meet consumer expectations.

Main issues in DIY & Household

Significant volume of products

Brands in these sectors offer a wide range of items, ranging from tools to construction materials to gardening equipment. Effectively managing this variety of products and optimizing their supply chain and pricing in DIYstrong,   and household appliances can be a complex challenge.

Intense and omnichannel competition

Faced with intense competition, both on and off line, brands in these sectors must pay particular attention to the supply chain and pricing strategy in DIY, and household appliances and the differentiation of offers to avoid cannibalization and maintain the balance between sales channels.

Constant price changes

Competition in these sectors is marked by the responsiveness of competitors in terms of price management in their supply chain strategy and pricing in DIY, and household appliances. Some do not hesitate to adjust their prices several times a day based on market fluctuations, promotional offers or the strategies of their competitors. This puts additional pressure on retailers to follow and adapt quickly to market changes.

Occasional extended lead times

Fluctuations in demand, logistical constraints, and issues related to supply chains (with products often imported from Asia) can result in delays in product availability in stores. Proactive supply chain management is necessary to mitigate stockouts and effectively fulfill customer demand. Proactive supply chain management is necessary to minimize stock shortages in the supply chain and pricing strategy in DIY, DIY and household appliances and respond effectively to customer demand.

Optimix solutions for the DIY and Household appliances sector

Data collection (online or in-store)

Data collection from the internet (Price Scraping) and/or in physical stores (using a smartphone).

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Product matching & range consistency

Linking of competing products (automatic based on EAN or compared using a proximity score).

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Pricing strategy and price elasticity

Design, configuration, and implementation of your pricing strategy.

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Sales forecasting & AI

Immediate analysis of your data through customized dashboards.

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Order forecasts

Reliable suggestions that meet all your company's requirements.

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Stock and transportation optimization

Reduce inventory levels and increase the availability of your products.

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