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FAQ 1: What statistical models and AI algorithms does your solution process?

Our statistical forecasting models are mainly based on the “Best fit” method, which will select the most relevant model to calculate future sales of your products.

To go further, we have strengthened our AI algorithms using neural networks, in order to generate price elasticity and cannibalization calculations, based on numerous exogenous factors.

Our forecasting module is specifically designed for retail, it integrates advanced features that analyze historical data in real time and uses this data to create forecasting models.

Using AI, our solution automatically selects the best statistical model based on your data, ensuring optimal accuracy. In addition, we offer a range of 50 predefined statistical models, allowing retailers to opt for the model best suited to their needs.

Trend analysis, pricing scenario simulation, and cannibalization prevention are some of the many features that make our solution unique.

Our XPA solution uses historical data provided by retailers and typically includes information on sales, pricing, promotions and other relevant variables.

Real-time analysis of this data allows our solution to create forecasting models based on historical trends and patterns. It is therefore crucial to provide complete and accurate data to ensure effective forecasting.

XPA stands out for its ability to automatically select the most appropriate statistical model based on the data provided. With a range of 50 predefined statistical models, the module is designed to adapt to different types of data.

Additionally, XPA uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the accuracy of pricing decisions, providing greater adaptability and accuracy compared to other tools.

Our solution offers forecasting models that actively analyze and prevent cannibalization between different brands or products.

By identifying potential pricing conflicts that could reduce your profit margins, XPA allows you to optimize your product assortment and avoid internal competition issues.

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