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Stock optimization

XFR helps you reduce stock levels and increase product availability. The more variable your sales rate, the more frequent the uncertainties. Order lead times and frequencies, shelf life, positioning of your offer and service rate targets are all key elements in optimizing stock levels.

XFR - Supply Chain solution dedicated to retail
Safety stock optimization - XFR software

Safety Stock

Our module takes several key factors into account to determine the optimum level of safety stock. It analyzes delivery times, demand levels, desired service levels, order frequency and supplier reliability.

By taking these parameters into account, the module automatically calculates the optimum safety stock for each product and site, to minimize the risk of stock-outs while avoiding costly surpluses and reducing financial losses.

Consideration of Minimum stock level

By using this module, companies can maintain an adequate level of safety stock, avoiding stock-outs and minimizing the costs associated with excess inventory.

Consideration of the Minimum of Presentation also enables more precise stock planning, taking into account the constraints of product presentation at points of sale.

Consideration of the Minimum Presentation - XFR software

Stock optimization

Easily manage your entire supply chain thanks to our solution dedicated to retailers that can manage several million product sites. Featuring innovative ergonomics, XFR integrates management by exception, “To Do List”, alerts, processes and scenarios. Take advantage of all the market’s Best Practices to optimize your supply chain!

With its intuitive and fully customizable interface, XFR allows users to create various profiles and organize views/tasks easily, such as category manager, forecaster, purchaser, marketer, and merchandiser. Each user can personalize their display preferences, views, and task lists without the need for any coding. Unite your entire supply team around a single tool!

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*6 months after deployment in 45 stores.