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OptimiX Forecast & Replenishment

Allocation and Smoothing Deliveries

The merchandise allocation module optimizes the distribution of your products based on their current or forecast performance on each site. We take into account all the characteristics of your stores (capacity, type of layout…) to ensure the flow of your products.

XFR - Supply Chain solution dedicated to retail
Identifier les sites les plus performants et allouer une quantité appropriée de produits pour maximiser leur écoulement.

Product distribution based on performance

Distribute your products based on the observed or forecast performance of each site.

Additionally, with our retail allocation module, you can use data such as sales, demand forecasts and other key indicators. The system identifies the best performing sites and allocates an appropriate quantity of products to maximize their flow.

Consideration of store characteristics

Our retail allocation module therefore takes into account the specific characteristics of stores such as their capacity, their type of location, etc.

Thanks to this consideration, it makes it possible to optimize the distribution of products while taking into account the constraints and specificities of each store. As a result, it is possible   to ensure efficient flow of products.

optimize product distribution, taking into account the constraints and specific features of each store
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Definition of the variable specifying the quantity to allocate

Also define variables specifying the quantity to allocate and using stock data. But also backorder variables or other calculated variables.

Our retail allocation module allows you to have rules that can also be based on forecasts, sales, customer orders, initial need, or any other calculated indicator.

This therefore makes it possible to create personalized rules according to the specific needs of the company and the supply chain strategy.

Configurable profiles for Products / Sites

Finally, ultra flexible and customizable, the retail allocation solution allows you to define configurable allocation profiles on the Product/Site axes. In addition, this allows fine adaptation of the distribution rules according to the specific characteristics of each product and each site.

Configurable profiles Product / Site axes
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*6 months after deployment in 45 stores.