FAQ 1 : What information are you able to retrieve from websites?

We are able to retrieve all the information available on your competitors’ websites, including prices, promotional prices, labels, photos, EAN codes, nomenclature/category/family, characteristics, availability/product stock, store, and much more.

Price monitoring in retail allows you to sell more and better because it gives you an accurate overview of the competition, allowing you to adjust your prices to remain competitive.

Additionally, it helps you identify pricing trends, optimize your margins, and meet customer value expectations, thereby improving your profitability and market position.

Data collect is essential in retail because it allows companies to understand customer behaviors and preferences, optimize their product offering, improve operational efficiency, personalize the customer experience, take decisions based on concrete data, and ultimately, to increase their sales and profitability.

By using data wisely, businesses can stay competitive, anticipate market trends, and quickly adapt to changing consumer needs.

Automating pricing allows retailers to optimize their pricing management, improve their market competitiveness and provide a better customer experience, resulting in increased sales and profitability .

Automating price readings offers several advantages to retail brands, including:

Saves time and efficiency: Automation helps collect and analyze pricing data quickly and accurately, reducing manual workload.

Reduced human errors: Automated systems minimize errors in data entry or interpretation, ensuring increased accuracy.

Increased responsiveness: Brands can adjust their prices more quickly based on competition, promotions and market trends.

Margin Optimization: Automated data helps identify opportunities to increase margins by strategically adjusting prices.

Informed decision making: Real-time information facilitates data-driven decision making to improve profitability.

Improved competitiveness: By remaining competitive on prices, brands can attract more customers and maintain their market share.

Better customer experience: Accurate and competitive prices contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The XPA solution is designed to meet the needs of retailers operating both online and offline. For e-commerce, it offers Web Data Collection, control and probe tools, and differentiates permanent products from marketplace products.

For physical stores, the Android in-store price collection application allows retailers to collect data in online or offline mode, display the last known price, and report prices in real time to pricing tools.

The in-store price collection application is an Android application that allows retailers to collect in-store price data, whether online or offline. It offers the possibility of displaying the last known price, sending prices in real time to the pricing tools.

Users can use both consumer Android smartphones or rugged models with built-in laser scanners.

The application also facilitates the management of statement campaigns, allowing the creation of recurring or one-off campaigns and the visualization of planned or completed campaigns.

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